What will become of us?

The economic crisis is alarming everyone.

Unemployment is coming like a truck with no brakes and trampling everyone around.

People are looking for ways to get money, lost jobs, the family has lost their dignity and nothing changes, everything seems without feeling and the tireless search in the attempt to improve the situation.

More and more we lose confidence in those who govern us,

we do not feel the faith and the will to believe that someone can make a difference, or rather, they want to make a difference.

Each day a surprise, a novelty and the impression that gives the hole opens every day a few more inches.

And we think what to do? How to make?

We have no voice, we have no strength, we have no faith.

Faith is the one who from childhood has learned that we have someone to help us, the same faith that gives us comfort for moments of despair and sadness.

We just want to have the right to come and go, the right to fight, to want improvements.

We want our voices heard, we no longer want gags, chains, iron stones.

We are prisoners of ourselves, the neglect that erodes the rest of hope.

We are birds of broken wing, wanting to fly farther, to go beyond what our strength allows, to seek what we left behind, in this life so empty and solitary.

And it’s time to break the shackles, let it be that person who sees life behind the curtain.

The time has come to show the strength, to say what we have come for,

to leave, to scream and even to kick.

We can not want everything to stay the way it is, the cliff is approaching, the time bomb is running out.

And what will be left at the end of everything?

Our faith? Our hope? Our dignity?

It should be, but we know it will not be so.

We need to roll up our sleeves and do everything different.