Last Year of Faculty = CBT and now?

The decision by which college course to do is not always easy.

Few people are born with the gift of a career, knowing which way to go for life.

For me, choosing the psychology faculty was not an easy task; at 18 I was in doubt about which career to pursue.

As always I enjoyed this human contact I decided to do the psychology faculty.

Well, there have been more than 4 years …

lots of work, a lot of training, a lot of proof, a lot of content, a lot of everything!

And in my penultimate semester came another comma, and what a comma: WORK OF COURSE CONCLUSION …..

And now? Where I can get time to work, interns, tests, all content (because teachers do not give up) and more CBT …..

There at that moment I was signing my defeat, after all I did not even know which theme to approach ….. What a desire to cry ……

My first meeting with my tcc counselor and I did not even have the outline of my work …..

I definitely had no idea what my tcc theme would be and there I went to fetch the holy GOOGLE a light in my dark and cold tunnel.

That’s when I came across the Monograph – CBT Advisor, and what would it be?

Then came my surprise, it is software developed by Professor Douglas Tybel that for a moment in his life was also desperate to end CBT.

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It was then that in desperation, only had a week and managed to put together a plan of action,

where he finished his thesis and achieved 8.5 of note with praise and all this in a week.

Then he graduated in Analysis of Information System and developed O Monograph – TCC Advisor.

I liked the idea and got the software and the handling is very simple, all in blocks.

After defining the theme is just searching and typing

in the software that will tell you exactly what is expected in that introduction, for example.

And so step by step, block by block,

I was able to finish my work without suffering,

and the best I could get grade 9 and the whole bank loved my work and

as Professor Douglas Tybel says, a mistake proof work: D

So do not get any more suffering and get to know the

Monografis – TCC Advisor at the address and know more

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